Why a TFT?

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“Things to Consider”

Buying a puppy is no small undertaking and should never be done impulsively. Puppies require a lot of  time, care, attention, training, and love to grow into well adjusted adult dogs. Forget about that cute little puppy that is melting your heart. Do you have the time and patience for a puppy?

If you do, first and foremost is getting the right breed. Is the Toy Fox Terrier the right dog for my family? Remember, you are heading into a 12 to 15 year commitment. You want a healthy puppy who will grow into a healthy, enjoyable family companion. Not only do you need to consider the cost of adoption but you must also consider veterinarian cost, supplies and a host of other expenses that come with dog ownership.

Those of us that are lucky enough to have spent our lives with the Toy Fox Terrier know what it means to be greeted at the door after work, to share in the frantic joy of that wagging tail and the unconditional love that the TFT possesses.

Here is some information that you may find helpful as you research the breed and investigate breeders. If at all possible, you should visit with breeders and meet their dogs before you come face to face with your potential puppy. The temperament of the puppy will be determined by the temperament of his parents and his environment. If available, ask to meet both parents and siblings. Be wary of breeders that have numerous litters and pups available at all times of the year.

When you do purchase a puppy, keep in mind that you are also purchasing the experience and knowledge of the person who has bred that puppy.  They should be available to you now and in the future, should you have any questions concerning the health and well being of your puppy. You and your breeder will be establishing a relationship and you should trust and like your breeder.

“How Puppies Are Placed”

I place all pet puppies based on the personality of the puppy and the family that it will become part of. I do take special requests into consideration, but it is best for all concerned when the puppy fits your lifestyle. Size and color should be secondary to finding a happy, healthy pet that will fit your lifestyle. Remember, adding a puppy to your family is a life long commitment. The right fit for the puppy and your family is important.

I would not recommend a Toy Fox Terrier puppy for a household with infants or toddlers. Households with young children should consider a larger dog that can withstand the knocks of childhood. Toy Fox Terrier puppies are very small (2 lb. @ 8 weeks old) and can be seriously injured by rough treatment. Not only physically but mentally as well. Older, more considerate children make the best playmates. I will not place a puppy in a home with young children under the age of 10 without first meeting the children.

“The Personality of the Toy Fox Terrier”

The Toy Fox Terrier is a large dog in a small package. Toy Fox Terriers are an affectionate breed that  love to be the center of attention.  Their favorite person is you. Because they are small and so endearing, it is very easy to spoil them. For people who have never had a dog or who would like a smaller dog, the easy care and wonderful disposition of the Toy Fox Terrier makes them a perfect choice. Both genders are equally as well suited as playmates for children but if you’ve never owned a male Toy Fox Terrier, you’re missing out. In this breed, some say the males make the better pets. They are very sweet, loving and playful. If you’ve never owned one or met one, you don’t know how fun a male can be. Once neutered, males make excellent companions.

Toy Fox Terriers like to run and because they were bred as a hunting dog will chase and tree practically anything that moves. Because of this, and for the safety of the dog, I recommend a fenced yard whenever let off of a leash. Although Toy Fox Terriers do enjoy being outdoors occasionally, they are not “OUTSIDE DOGS”. TFTs are HOUSE PETS ONLY and must live indoors with their human family. TFT’s are excellent watch dogs. I do not find them to be nuisance barkers but they will set off the alarm whenever they feel the need to warn you of impending danger. (mailman, visitor, stray cat or dog, etc.) . 

The Toy Fox Terrier is a very entertaining breed. You can watch them play for hours at a time and never grow tired of their antics. They are also excellent travelers. They are always ready to go and take up very little space.  They are totally content to be with their owners. Naturally clean and practically odor free, they just require an occasional bath if they get dirty and clipping of the nails when they are long. They are a low maintenance pet. Toy Fox Terriers do shed twice a year so if you are allergic to dog dander, then this is probably NOT the pet for you.

“Training the Toy Fox Terrier”

TFT’s are very willing to please and learn very quickly.  I recommend a puppy socialization class or beginner obedience. It’s fun for both the new owner and the dog.

There are books written on the special needs of training the small dog. Little Dogs: Training your Pint-Sized Companion by Deborah Wood offers gentle, positive and effective solutions to many of the most common challenges facing small dogs and their owners. This is a must for all small dog owners.

A very good book on obedience training  is called, Competitive Obedience Training for the Small Dog by Barbara Cecil & Gerianne Darnell.  This book focuses on training the small dog for competitive obedience work.

I would highly recommend Play With Your Dog by Pat Miller and Play Together, Stay Together by Karen B. London & Patricia B. McConnell. Play is a great way to build a solid relationship with your dog and helps dogs learn how to interact properly with other dogs and people.

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