Show Prospect Agreement

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We, Kelley F. Maldon and Alex Maldon, sold the following canine:

Toy Fox Terrier: Maldonfox —————————-     








Dog is being placed as a show prospect (in a show home) for the sum of $———— on————-..

For simplicity purposes, ‘Dog’ as referred to in the document means either ‘dog or bitch’.

In addition to the items outlined below, the following terms apply:

This Dog is in good health with no evidence of illness to the best of the Seller’s knowledge at the time of sale. As a condition of sale and as part of this agreement, both parties hereto mutually agree to the following conditions:

1)  Health Guarantee: The Buyer/s agree to have this dog examined by a veterinarian of his choice within 72 hours of purchase or delivery for a health check by their veterinarian. Should the dog be determined to be in ill health, the dog may, upon presentation of a written diagnosis from said veterinarian, be returned for a refund of purchase price or for another dog of equal value, the choice of which is to be determined by the seller.

2)  Limited Health and Breed Guarantee: Seller warrants this dog as fitting the “breed standard” and as potential “breeding stock”.  A  Veterinarian examination must be obtained within 3 days of the original purchase date and prior to breeding.  Buyer hereby agrees not to breed this dog before he is at least 12 months of age or he has obtained his Championship title. Any health tests deemed necessary prior to breeding by the “Buyer” will be completed prior to breeding and if not bred, before the dog is 18 months old (VWD, Thyroid, CERF, Cardio) If either purchase examination or pre-breeding exam reveals sterility or a previously undetected serious congenital defect or heritable disease, copies of a Veterinarian’s statement and any report/test results should be immediately sent to the Seller. Seller will at their option either refund the aforementioned original purchase price, or replace the dog with a dog of equal value upon return of this dog along with it’s Registration Certificate & signed transfer. Should the “Buyer” elect to not have any health tests performed prior to breeding or before he is 18 months old and it is determined at a later date that this dog has a serious congenital defect or heritable disease, no replacement or refund will be made.

3)  Limitations of Guarantee: This guarantee applies only to the original dog purchased and is non-transferable. Puppy/dog must  be returned in good physical condition. No replacement will be made if this individual has been bred, spayed or neutered or if the registration or application has been lost, expired or transferred. The Buyer/owner is responsible for all transportation costs to and from the seller. Except for paragraph 1 and 4, this guarantee is effective for one year from date of sale.

4)  Placement Guarantee Lifetime: If at anytime during the life of this dog, it is found to be incompatible with the situation of the Buyer, the Buyer agrees to contact the Seller, so arrangements may be made to find a suitable home for the placement of this dog or the return of this dog, along with it’s Registration Certificate and a sighed transfer back to the Seller. Should the Buyer discontinue ownership, the Seller retains the right to reclaim the dog. No refund will be given in either case.

The Buyer/s agree that this Dog will receive quality veterinary care and be a house pet.  They also agree that this dog will be properly socialized and trained. This Dog will be fed a premium quality diet and is never to be fed a chemical based diet, Science Diet or grocery store grade food.  All shipping costs incurred are the responsibility of the Buyer.  Seller may also reclaim dog should buyer fail to keep him in acceptable condition and should his health and welfare be at risk.

Seller assumes no responsibility for the Dog after leaving the Seller’s premises: medical or veterinary expenses, or for any other reason not stated above.  Buyer/s shall be solely liable for any and all costs/fees incurred for subsequent corrections/s and or enforcement of this contract. The buyer/s also agree that all deposits are non-refundable and are to be applied toward the purchase price of the puppy/dog and any refunds of the purchase price are to be determined by the seller.

Buyer has read and fully understood the above and agrees to all parts and portions of this agreement constituting a legal and binding agreement between the two. Any breach of contract on the part of the Buyer will “Void” this agreement between the “Buyer/s and the Seller’s” and the Seller will be free of any further obligations to the Buyer.  Any additional conditions or provisions are noted on this agreement over the signatures.

Mutually agreed to by Buyer/s;__________________________________________________________

And Seller/s;_______________________________________________________

On this date of _______________.

Attachments: AKC Dog Registration, Pedigree, Health Clearances