Hello Kelley, Caesar is finally here and we just love him.  He is so cute, sweet and smart.  Violet went out of her way to deliver him to our house so she could play with him here for a while and make the transition easier.  It really worked because he is not timid or scared, just curious and busy playing.  He is in his heated bed right now chewing on a hoof.  My husband loves him, too.  He is a beautiful little guy; what a face! I'll sent you some pictures.  Thanks for every thing.  We are so delighted!  Best regards, Mary Ellen 


Hi Kelley and Alex, Just thought I would give you a quick update on Scooter.  He has quickly become my heart. Everyone who meets him absolutely loves him.  Also he and the cat have a relationship that is tolerable.  I describe the relationship like brother and sister.  He'll taunt her and tease her and he'll continue that until she swats at him... and then he'll back off.  I really do think she loves him as I've heard some purrs when he's been around. When I picked up Scooter and Alex said they're like Potato Chips... you just can't have one... I didn't quite understand.  Now I understand!  I've been toying with the idea of maybe getting him a companion. I'll keep you updated! Ken


Hi Kelley, She's doing great and she's spoiled. She will actually wear the rain coat in the rain. She is spoiled between me and my mother-in-law she's always got something new! She loves that pillow, that's her spot. She has the run of the house while we're not here she does not touch anything that's not her toys. She's on a set schedule as far as going outside no more accidents. Kendall and I just love her she's our little one. He can't get over how quickly she adjusted. She loves our friends and family. I am getting her a stroller it's starting to get nice outside and we have some great places around town we can take her with us and enjoy the nice weather and I thought it would be perfect for a dog show. Let me know when some are coming up and we'll make the trip! I visited the new website its really cool Mita was on my lap and I showed her her picture  and printed out her picture with her parents names on it!! Talk to you soon, Amy


We love Taylor very, VERY much! I never expected that a dog would fit in so quickly or so well. Our two main goals in getting another dog were: 1) that it be a cuddler for Austin (which Taylor excels at, as you can see from the pictures) and 2) that it be a good play mate for Rusty (again, you can see from the pictures that Taylor fits the bill). Yesterday Taylor had Rusty's whole front leg in his mouth (it took up all of Taylors available mouth-space) and Rusty had Taylor's hind leg in his mouth (it took up very little of Rusty's available mouth-space :-) I'd give anything if I could have gotten a picture of that. They play then they nap, then they play then they nap, then the kids come home and Taylor plays with them (and goes on a daily walk with Austin), then there is more play and more napping. I have to say that I also enjoy many cuddles with Taylor during the day while the kids are at school. Also, Rusty and Taylor have become the "Welcoming Committee" at the entrance area at school. I look forward to getting him to the nursing home because those who are intimidated by Rusty's size might prefer Taylor. One last thing, I will be going to West Palm Beach to the dog show this weekend... there are 4 TFTs entered. I'll have Taylor with me so if I see anyone who knows you, you can hear from them how he's doing! Can you tell that we love him! Blessings, Lea Ann Savage



I could share a million little thing that Taylor does that brighten our lives but one of my favorites is this game he plays with Rusty:  They wrestle over a toy and Rusty usually ends up with it because he's bigger so he holds it up where Taylor can't reach it so Taylor attacks one of Rusty's legs which gets Rusty to drop the toy to play with Taylor then Taylor grabs the toy and runs off... smart dog! He learned "sit" in one session.  Now, whenever I am in the kitchen and he wants food (pretty much any time I'm in the kitchen) Taylor sits.  Again, smart dog! Blessings, Lea Ann Savage

We finished up our beginning obedience class just about two weeks ago. Byron did excellent!!  Here are a couple of pictures from graduation day.  The next group of classes starts in July, so we will be signing up once they announce the start date.  I know I have said it a hundred times, but he is such an extraordinary dog.  We just love him to death! Jeff


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